How to wear the tidal and variability of Polo shirts?

1, POLO business = POLO + suit

T-Shirt with a blazer is too casual; shirts with blazers are too formal and rigid; Polo shirts and blazers are just an intermediate option. So in the summer to attend some semi-formal events or parties, Lacoste outlet sale Polo shirts can actually replace shirts and T-shirts.

2, POLO leisure = POLO + jeans / casual pants

Polo shirt + jeans are simple and classic, with sneakers or casual shoes, highlighting the casual feel of the Polo shirt.

Polo shirt + khaki pants / casual pants this combination is the closest match to the polo suit, such as light gray or khaki casual pants with dark blue polo shirt style is not only classic, but also suitable for all kinds of everyday occasions, weekend walks, It’s okay to meet up with friends or take a flight.

3, POLO vacation = POLO + all kinds of shorts

Paired with suit shorts and sneakers for easy summer school style

Paired with casual shorts, it is the most stylish and casual resort style in summer. You can choose the pure color Polo shirt of Macaron color to create a light sense of summer, especially suitable for small and fresh sports and men.

Common fabrics for Polo shirts

  1. Polyester cotton: cotton + polyester, refers to the collective name of blended fabric of polyester and cotton. The advantage is that the wrinkle resistance is good and the deformation is not easy; the disadvantage is that it is easy to pilling.

2, 100% cotton: This is the more commonly used POLO shirt fabric, cost-effective, still maintains the superior natural characteristics of cotton, good skin-friendly, good breathability, good moisture absorption. If you don’t have a lot of budget and you want to wear it comfortably, this is a good choice.

3, cotton + Lycra (high-quality spandex): also known as Lycra cotton, feel good, more close-fitting, highlighting the body, flexible, especially suitable for close-fitting clothing. It should be noted that this fabric should be protected against shrinkage.

4, mercerized cotton / double silk cotton / three silk cotton: the process is complex, the price is more expensive, is a high-grade fabric.

Finally, in addition to the classic brand Ralph Lauren mentioned above, the up-and-coming British brand Fred Perry’s polo shirts are crowded around the world. Fred Perry doesn’t like to make too many complicated designs, just simple and eye-catching. With a strong British temperament, it is very popular among young people.

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